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Okay, Dan:

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✅ I watched your video

✅ But, wow, that's a lot– can you help?

✅ Please: rock MY database!

✅ I want you do it all:

✅ Organization, Automation, Content creation,

✅ Emails, texts, social, voicemail drops, handwritten cards

✅ So I can...

✅ Get my time back, close more sales, feel less stress!

✅ Let's crank it up!

✅ I've got a budget.

✅ And I wanna know more.

If all that's true, g'head:

Book a Database Discovery CallBook a Database Discovery Call
"In just over a week, I've had 17 dead leads come back to life. That's over $90,000 in commissions!"
"Listings, buyers, referrals... a million dollar listing and even a 16 unit condominium!"
Book a Database Discovery CallBook a Database Discovery Call
"Anytime we expand, the first thing we do is hire Dan..."
"Oh, come on! You're embarrassing us!"
Book a Database Discovery Call
"The goal of database marketing isn't just to blast people..."
"$9 million in pending sales!!"
Book a Database Discovery Call
Sara MacLellan
REALTOR, Broker/Owner
We met our annual recruiting goal in the first two months!
I love Happy Grasshopper!

Ryan Tollefsen
REALTOR,  Business Owner
I was aware of Happy Grasshopper for years
but didn't think we needed it. 
Now I know, I should have done this years ago.

Need even more proof? See what these top real estate professionals say... 

Ben Kinney
National Superstar REALTOR,  Business Owner
A huge reason behind our growth is that leads 
I generated years ago are still closing. 
Happy Grasshopper equals ROI for my team.

Kris Lindahl
Twin Cities Superstar REALTOR, Author
Real estate has always been a people business, 
but technology can make it feel robotic. 
With Happy Grasshopper,  I get the best parts
of automation, and I get to showcase my personality. 
It's great for making real human connections.

Book a Database Discovery Call
Book a Database Discovery Call

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